Edge Profiles

Unlike laminate countertops, premium countertops like Corian or Cambria have the ability to customize the edge profile.  The shape you choose can have a huge impact on your design.  From modern to classical, there is an edge for you.  Here are some tips when selecting the edge for your countertop.


Solid surface edges are generally 1.5″ thick, made by gluing 3 layers together.  They are routed and sanded much like wood and can be done in a wide range of profiles.  Custom edges can be made to look thicker by adding layers or doing a “1/2″ drop edge” however this limits the type of profile that can be achieved.  Some edges are easier to clean and maintain than others.  Always consider the application when choosing an edge.  Some edges look great, but are tougher to clean.  Click on the link below to view the available solid surface edge profiles.

Solid Surface Profiles (.PDF)


Stone thickness is measured in centimeters.   A typical stone or quartz countertop is 3CM thick.  This equates to nearly 1.25 inches.  Most edges are designed for 3CM tops.  Most edges are done on a CNC machine which uses diamond tooling and water to cut the stone.    We have a wide selection of edges to choose from, but can only do edges for which we have tooling.   Check out the stone edges link below to see the profiles we have available.  Custom edges such as chiseled edges, mitered drop front edges, or custom 6 cm edges can be made as well.

Stone Profiles (.PDF)

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