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Sink Options | Blasius Inc.

Sink Options

When it comes to sinks, there is a huge variety of styles and options to choose from.   Below, you will find descriptions of what is possible with the products we use.

Top Mount sinks

The traditional top mount sink that would be common in a typical lamimate countertop is always an option in solid surface, quartz or granite tops as well.   It is the least costly option, but doesn’t take advantage of the benefits a premium countertop has to offer.  As it’s name implies, it mounts on top of the countertop, hanging from it’s rim.  It simply requires a hole in the countertop to drop the sink into.

Undermount sinks

An undermount sink can be made from a wide assortments of materials such as  stainless steel, copper, cast iron, or acylic.  It mounts beneath the countertop.  Depending on the type of countertop material and sink material you select, there 2 ways to mount the sink.

Silicone mounted

Whether selecting Granite, Quartz, or Solid Surface, all non-acrylic sinks such a stainless steel or cast iron are fastened to the underside of the countertop with silicone adhesive to seal the joint and hold the sink.  In most cases, we also use mechanical fasteners to provide extra security.  Why the extra? Because we’ve been in to countless homes to reinstall a sinks originally installed by competitors that fell out because they relied only on silicone to hold the sink in.  When undermounting with this method, one other decision about the type of reveal on the sink will need to be made.  Please see the option described below on Positive vs Negative Reveal

Integral mounted

If you select a Solid Surface countertop such as Corian, an acrylic Corian bowl can be mounted with a seamless appearance.  In this option, the sink is glued to the underside of the countertop with epoxy adhesive and the  joint is sanded smooth so that it appears seamless.  This is one of the best selling points of a Solid Surface countertop.

Cambria’s characteristics however, also allow this option when it comes to mounting a sink.  Due to the strength of the material and the adhesion properties of its bonding resins, we are able to do an Integral Corian Undermount sink to a Cambria countertop.   With this option, you get the best of both worlds.  The look and feel of stone and the cleanliness of a Corian bowl seamed to the underside of the top.  No silicone to deal with.  No creases or crevasses to have to clean.

Just ask one of the cleaning staff of the Frankenmuth Bavarian Motor Lodge were we recently installed nearly 100 new vanity tops with integral Corian vanity bowls.  They will tell you how nice it is to clean these tops and not have to deal with the sink rim on top or the silicone joint between a china undermount below.   Their guests love it too, inquiring regularly at the front desk about this new look.

Apron Front Farm sinks

Apron Front sink

Apron front sinks can be made from a number of materials, from heavy cast iron or ceramic, to stainless steel or acrylic.  Regardless of the material, they all have one critical thing in common:  the sinks must be mounted in place in the cabinet in order for the template to occur.  Why is this so important?  In order to get the right fit around the sink, we need to have the sink in place.  A little movement one way or the other will throw off the reveal around the sink and it wont look right.   Please let us know if you are using an apron front sink so we can plan accordingly.

Positive Reveal vs Negative Reveal

When cutting the hole for an undermount silicone mount sink, we have a couple options to choose from.  If the edge of the cutout hangs past the side wall of the sink, it is referred to as a Negative Reveal.  None of the rim of the sink is visible.  The second option is the Positive Reveal.  With this option, the edge of the cutout is back from the sidewall of the sink, exposing some of the rim of the sink.  Click here to view a cut section drawing of these options

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