Sink Options

When it comes to sinks, there is a huge variety of styles and options to choose from. Below, you will find descriptions of what is possible with the products we use.

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Our Fleet

Our Fleet

We've custom outfitted our trucks for efficiency and productivity. Once you recognize Cambria's distinctive dragon logo you will notice our trucks everywhere.

Our Shop

Don't let the rural setting fool you, our shop is equipped with high tech equipment and staffed with a knowledgeable team working behind the scenes to fabricate your project

Our Service Area

With satellite warehouses and showrooms throughout the three-state area we can efficiently cover from Indianapolis to the UP in Michigan.

Our Projects

From a small residential project to a massive commercial renovation like the tops in the Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island, we have the ability to handle your project.

Our Maple Syrup

Each spring we spend our evenings in the woods tapping trees and boiling sap to make over 300 gallons of pure maple syrup which we use as gifts to show our appreciation to our customers and accounts.

Our Fleet

See our wide variety of styles and options to choose from

Sometimes it is the little details that make all the difference. At Blasius, we have researched or developed products that will enhance your installation and provide the finishing touches or keep it looking great for years to come.



Visit a gallery to see the incredible designs. Bring your paint and cabinet samples or take a sample home to see it there.



We can help guide you to a design pro at one of our dealers and our experienced gallery staff and templators in the field assist in working thru the details.



From template, to fabrication, to installation, we have team members who love to see your dreams come true.

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